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Denver / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Smoking hot Denver is a fun-loving girl who’s into solving mind puzzles and math puzzles.

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Ruby/ 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Shapely Ruby takes a lot of pride in the incredible body she’s got.

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Joy / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Lovely Joy adores adrenaline and is into anything that lets her go fast and stay excited.

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Roxy / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Glamorous Roxy is a lovely young woman who also happens to be bisexual.

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Anya / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Fascinating Anya is a classy, sophisticated girl who loves to absorb cultural entertainment.

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Sunny / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Exquisite Sunny is the kind of girl who can’t get enough of being in the water, whether it’s in a hot tub or by the side of a pool.

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Jezebel / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Beautiful Jezebel is a stunning young lady with the soul of an artist.

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Brittany / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Sexy Brittany loves to gamble and is not above taking a few chances.

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Eva / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Voluptuous Eva likes to hike and spend time in the gym.

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Rachel / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Steamy Rachel considers herself naturally dominant.

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Isabel / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Provocative Isabel is a wild child who is also bisexual.

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Audra / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Pretty little Audra describes herself as an eccentric and a some-time hipster who likes to spend time in dive bars playing bar games.

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Starr / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Flirty Starr likes to stay in great shape thanks to a very demanding workout regimen.

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Fantasia / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Sensual Fantasia does some mountain biking and spin classes to keep her figure looking perfect.

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Kat / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Seductive Kat is very much into roleplay and fetish games.

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Olive / 25 / Brunette / 5’6″


Inviting Olive is a wild child who believes strongly in being spontaneous.

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Baton Rouge escorts are far superior to traditional dating and the various ways men have, in the past, sought to gain the attention of the city’s most beautiful women. When you book through us, we’ll coordinate your schedule with that of the lovely young ladies on our staff. You and your Baton Rouge escort will meet at a location that is mutually agreeable to you, then spend the duration of your booking at whatever activity or venue your heart desires. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, whether you live in Baton Rouge or are just here on vacation, whether you’re a tourist or a busy professional, it’s only natural to desire the company of a Baton Rouge escort. Our ladies are some of the most beautiful in the city but, more importantly, they are trained, professional entertainers who will make sure your time with them is fulfilling, pleasurable, and fun. When was the last time you actually enjoyed a night out with a young lady, without enduring the stress of worrying that the date was going well or that you would be able to secure that young lady’s attention again in the future? With Baton Rouge babes, you no longer have to worry about any of that. With Baton Rouge babes, your enjoyment is guaranteed, without stress, without hassle, and without strings.

How Does Booking Baton Rouge Escorts Through Baton Rouge Babes Work, Exactly?

Using our website, and our service, is very straight forward. When you want to book the time of one of our Baton Rouge escorts, all you have to do is take a look through the profile pages here on our site. We’ve taken the time to post beautiful pictures and interview quotes from our lovely ladies so that you have a chance to get to know them. Peruse our pages, learn what makes our girls tick, at least in part, and take a look at their gorgeous photos. Decide which one of them is most appealing to you. Then, when you’re ready, contact us to let us know which one of our ladies most interests you.

When you contact us, we’ll coordinate the schedules of our lovely young Baton Rouge escorts with your own schedule requirements. If the young lady you see on our website is available when you need her to be, we’ll put the two of you together. Our Baton Rouge escorts receive payment in exchange for booking their time. When you book a Baton Rouge escort, in other words, you are getting the time and attention of an appealing female companion who agrees to spend that time with you, focus her attention on you, and enjoy any number of social activities with you. Whatever then happens between the two of you is entirely up to you both. If you and your Baton Rouge escorts make a connection and romance develops between the two of you, that’s great. Remember, though, that booking a Baton Rouge escort is simply arranging for your young lady’s time. We are an entirely legal service. Our agency serves the Baton Rouge area and is conducted in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws. Booking the time of a Baton Rouge escort is NOT paying for sex; our escorts are not prostitutes.

Further, we ask that you treat our young ladies respectfully. In exchange for that respect, they will be friendly, engaging, beautiful, and fun, and they will accompany you to any number of social activities or go out with you on a more traditional date for dinner, drinks, dancing, shows, or tourist attractions. If you’d like to spend some quiet time getting to know your Baton Rouge escort, that’s okay too. Our young ladies love to meet new people and are always happy to get to know their clients… but always with complete discretion and total dedication to your confidentiality.

If you look through our pages and you don’t see exactly, precisely what you want in a young woman, don’t be worried. We don’t just have the girls available who are listed on our website. Not every girl chooses to be listed here, especially if she already has a fairly full client booking. We wouldn’t want to just disappoint people by teasing them with some of our most popular young women, after all. We also work with an extended network of vetted, hand-selected, prescreened Baton Rouge escorts whom you can trust to show you a great night out on the town (or a more intimate evening in your hotel or in your home). If the girl you want is booked and simply can’t match your schedule needs, or if you contact us with a specific request for something in a young lady that you don’t see already represented on our website, that’s fine. We’ll get to work finding you someone we believe you will enjoy just as much. We’ll then confirm with you that the choice meets your approval.

After your selection of your Baton Rouge escort is complete, we’ll coordinate her schedule with yours and make arrangements for payment for the booking. One of the advantages of booking a Baton Rouge escort is that you can fit in your time with a gorgeous female companion on a schedule and timetable that matches what you require. Unlike old-fashioned, more traditional dating processes, you don’t have to inconvenience yourself for the sake of going out with a Baton Rouge escort. Your Baton Rouge escort will conduct herself, and her schedule, however is most convenient for you. She’ll arrive promptly for your booking at the location to which you have mutually agreed. That location could be your hotel or your home, or it could be some third location, like a restaurant or nightclub. The point is that the two of you will get together wherever both of you are most comfortable. We are an outcall service only; we do not have facilities for our young ladies to entertain clients on premises. This works well for you, as it preserves your privacy and confidentiality and also gives you a great reason to go out, explore Baton Rouge, enjoy the many delights the local area has to offer, and generally have the best time possible with your Baton Rouge escort. Our staff is dedicated to serving you and to making sure that your booking is as enjoyable as it can possibly be. Traditional dating offers no such guarantee, but booking a Baton Rouge escort absolutely does. Our young ladies are some of the most beautiful in the area, and when you book the time of a Baton Rouge escort, you are getting a lot more for your money than you would if you were simply dating a woman on your own time.

We encourage you to enjoy Baton Rouge with one of the sexist women in the city on your arm. There are many different forms of entertainment and tourist attractions here. The talent pool of young women here in Baton Rouge is quite extensive, and we think you’ll agree that all of our young women are absolutely worth it. Booking a Baton Rouge escort means finally leaving the traditional world of conventional dating behind… and realizing that in no way does that traditional method of meeting women serve you or work to your advantage as a man. What’s more, whereas traditional, conventional dating sometimes requires you to lower your standards and accept a lower level of quality from the women you date, when you go out with a Baton Rouge escort, you are getting an extremely high level of quality in a woman. Our Baton Rouge babes are incredibly sexy. Every one of our professional entertainers maintains a high personal standard… and all are extremely attractive. These are women so beautiful that when you walk into a club or a bar with one of Baton Rouge escorts on your arm, you will turn heads. Women who see you will wonder what qualities it is you must have that attracted such a fine lady to you… and men who see you will be jealous of you. This is simply a fact of being seen with our stunning Baton Rouge escorts.

The fact is, our Baton Rouge escorts are superior to traditional, conventional dating… and each time you take one of our ladies out, we’ll show that to you, consistently and repeatedly. Our goal is to make each of our clients a repeat client. We want to build a business relationship with you. We want you to come to us whenever you desire attractive, professional female companionship. Our girls will build happy memories with you and give you a social experience that you have not had before. Once you’ve sampled the delights of our Baton Rouge escorts, you will find it very difficult to go back to the traditional world of “amateur” women and “normal” dating and relationships.

To get started, simply peruse the biography pages on our website and select the young lady who seems right for you. Reach out to us and we’ll hook you up, either with the girl of your choice or with a stunning young woman who is just as appealing. Our Baton Rouge escorts cannot wait to meet you. They are poised to provide you with the absolute best in female companionship.

Make Dating Fun Again with Baton Rouge Escorts

Can you honestly say, the last time you went out on a “real” date, that it was fun for you? It’s completely understandable that you might not think that… because traditional dating is actually very stressful. When you go out with one of our Baton Rouge babes, though, you’ll be amazed at how much fun you have. Traditional dating puts you, the man, at a disadvantage. It’s cost-inefficient. It’s wasteful of your time. You can go through hours, weeks, and months of effort in the traditional, conventional dating method… and still have nothing to show for it when you’re done. Is that any way to conduct your romantic life? By contrast, when you step out on the town with one of our Baton Rouge escorts, you’ll be amazed at how much better the experience is… each and every time. That’s right: Booking our Baton Rouge escorts is a repeatable experience. Did you like the young lady you went out with? Well, you don’t have to worry about impressing her. All you have to do is book her again to see her again as much as you like. Let’s look a little deeper into the process that is traditional, conventional dating, and learn why this process is such a negative one.

How does a man meet a woman the old-fashioned way instead of booking a Baton Rouge escort? Well, it starts with the fact that you’ve got to meet women. That means you’ve got to find a way to encounter them, which means going to the places where, you’ve been told, single women traditional gather. Now, over the years we’ve read all kinds of dating advice, some of it relatively questionable, but the consensus seems to be that trying to pick up women in grocery stores, at the coin-operated laundry, and in other public places that are not explicitly thought of as romantic gathering spots is probably not a great idea. The contemporary discussion of “catcalling” and “street harassment” points to the fact that today’s women get very offended when they are chatted up by horny men. For good or for ill, it’s very difficult to just meet a woman with whom you’re not previously acquainted just because you see an attractive girl out in public. Pick up artists will tell you there are still ways to get that cute lady’s number, but the fact is, society is pretty hostile to approaching strange women for purposes of trying to talk to them with romantic designs in mind. So where does that leave you? It leaves you with the more traditional, overused venues: Bars, clubs, singles mixers, and places like that.

Booking a Baton Rouge escort would be so much easier, but so many men persist in trying to do things the hard way because they’ve been taught that is always how it has been done. So the typical guy goes out to bars or clubs, to mixers and other singles events, in the hopes of getting a woman’s attention. The problem, of course, is there’s a lot of competition to get a woman’s attention in these venues. You’re going to spend quite a lot of time just hanging around these places, listening to terrible music, wishing you could be doing something more productive… but of course you can’t. The guy sitting in a bar reading on his tablet or typing on a laptop is going to be thought of us as weird and dismissed as a piece of the background. If you want to meet women, you’ve got to actively engage with them while you’re hanging around in bars and clubs. That takes a lot of time, and entails a lot of rejection, because if there is one thing that makes women feel empowered when they’re out (especially with their friends), it’s being able to reject a man as unworthy. Often, women will make rejecting men a kind of sport, doing it to impress their friends, laughing about it in a big hen gaggle of cackling women who don’t seem to realize that they are only making it more likely they’ll eventually die alone and single in pathetic apartments full of cats. But that bleak future doesn’t help you now, does it? Because right now, you’re trying to chat up a woman only to be repeatedly cock-blocked by her hag friends, or worse, you have to deal with competition from all the other men in the bar or club who are also trying to get that woman’s attention.

It’s no easy scene, and nothing about it is fun. Most guys will tell you that they enjoy “the chase” from time to time, and trying to chat up and pick up a girl in a club or bar can be very enjoyable… for a little while. We think booking a Baton Rouge escort would be a lot more enjoyable and take a lot less time, because all you have to do is contact us. If you do it the hard way, the traditional way, you have to hope you’ll eventually be able to strike up a conversation with some woman. You’ll spend a fortune buying drinks for her and others before you get to that point. You have to be on your game constantly, always on your guard. You cannot afford to make a single mistake that will cause her to reject you outright. And make no mistake: She is looking to do that. There’s a popular song on the radio right now that is all about saying “No” when a man tries to chat up a woman. As “empowering” as attitude-laden songs like this might make women feel, the point is that when you’re out trying to meet women, a lot of them think they don’t need you and they don’t want you to talk to them. Well, that’s not accurate: They want you to talk to them so they can feel powerful and in control when they tell you to stop. But nothing about this process is fun. It’s rather humiliating and demeaning, and it’s designed to make men always feel inferior to the gatekeepers of the sacred temple between the thighs, the holy land that all women seem to guard so hard.

Are you tired of that attitude? We certainly are. When you book a Baton Rouge escort, you never have to deal with that attitude, that sneering contempt for the fact that you dared to find a woman attractive and tried to talk to her in order to get to know her. Our ladies will always be friendly to you and will always treat you with respect. What’s more, they genuinely enjoy what they do. No man wants to feel like the lady he is with is just going through the motions or, worse, simply tolerating him. Our ladies will never make you feel that way because they love to meet new people, they love getting to know their clients, and they are dedicated to their duties as professional entertainers. They truly enjoy what they do, and they love the lifestyle that being a Baton Rouge escort entails. There is nothing quite like going out with someone who is genuinely happy and who therefore really enjoys being out with you.

Let’s say, though, that you get through all the hassle of trying to meet a woman the painstakingly slow and traditional way. Well, we hope you like job interviews, because now you’re going to go on a series of them. Every time you go out with this woman you’ll have to make sure you stay on her good side. You’ve got to impress her in order to secure another date with her, at which point… you’ve got to impress her in order to get her to agree to another date. On and on that cycle goes, and ultimately (you hope) it progresses to the point where things get physical and the two of you have either a short-term or long-term relationship. That’s the traditional dating cycle in a nutshell… but of course there’s nothing enjoyable about it. Even if you are in a long-term or short-term relationship with a woman, it’s nothing like the pleasant, simple, no-strings attached arrangement of dating one of our Baton Rouge escorts. When you are in a relationship, you are basically signing up to be controlled by another person. There is pressure on you all the time to keep her happy, and she will demand your attention and your presence. You will have very little control over your own life. You will be at her mercy, at her beck and call, and if at any point you displease her for any reason, even unintentionally, she will punish you. If you want to spend time with your friends, you must bring her with you. If she dislikes your friends (and she frequently will), she will prevent you from seeing them, or she will punish you when you come back from visiting with them. If at any time you don’t pay enough attention to her, if your decisions do not meet with her approval, if your appearance falls beneath the standards she has arbitrarily set for you, she will punish you.

And how does a woman in a relationship punish her man? She takes away from the thing he needs and wants most: She takes the peace from his home. Most men work hard, and they have a lot of stress in their lives as a result. You have heard the phrase, “A man’s home is his castle.” This is because most men see their home as a refuge from the stress of the world. When they come home from a long day on the job, or going to class, or whatever it is they do with their time, they are grateful for the release, for the cessation of stress that their homes represent. But a woman with whom that man is in a relationship can take away that peace by being angry with him. She will storm around. She will slam doors. She will treat him with icy silence. She will force him to be miserable, deny him physical affection, and generally treat him miserably. If a man treated a woman this way, he would be considered emotionally abusive and controlling. When a woman treats a man this way, she is considered well within her rights to correct the behavior of her wayward man. And studies have shown recently that women are far more controlling and domineering in relationships with men. When you are in a relationship with a woman, you have a boss. You have signed up to be bossed around, and if you don’t like it, you’ll suffer for acting out. She’ll hold over you the complete withdrawal from the relationship, but there are many other threats before that point is reached (at which point you’ll probably be relieved when she leaves). She’ll punish you in any number of ways, making your life miserable.

Is it any wonder that more and more men are turning to Baton Rouge escorts to fulfill their desire for feminine companionship? All men desire the company of beautiful women, but it’s harder and harder for these men to find the attractive women they would like to be within normal, traditional, conventional dating venues. What man would knowingly sign up to have his life ruined by a conventional relationship? Yet men do it every day… and they discover, every day, that they have made a terrible mistake. When you date a woman, when you enter into a relationship with her, you are expected, as her man, to solve all of her problems. If she does not get along with her family, that’s your problem now. If she is deeply in financial debt, then you get to cope with that debt. If she is a volatile woman, someone given to acting out, even violently, then you will become her closest and most frequently abused target… and you dare not lift a finger against her when she does.

There is an unreported epidemic of violence against men by their ungrateful, unloving, cold-hearted relationship partners. Every man can relate to being treated this way. This is why pick-up artistry and “game” have become such popular topics of discussion among men who still want to be with women physically, but who have come to realize what a disadvantage traditional dating puts them at. Smart men have realized they need to manage women like the overgrown children they can be when in relationships. They get what they want and move on, while those still in relationships suffer and have their dreams crushed. Don’t think it can happen to you? Imagine the average guy who gets pulled into a relationship and then is told that all the things he likes, all his hobbies, all his friends, all his sports or other activities, are immature or unacceptable to his woman. If he is sufficiently “whipped,” he will do as he is told.

The things he likes will recede, and in their place will be an endless string of things he does not like but which he must tolerate anyway: “chick flicks” and day trips to do boring crap, stultifying wedding receptions and family events, and the complete removal from his life of fun and spontaneity. Non-professional women are opposed to fun and happiness on an almost genetic level. If they could be with a man who was capable of reading their minds and catering to their ever-shifting whims, they might be happy, but even then, there are no guarantees. Since this is quite impossible, the average woman is miserable and takes out her misery on her man. She is never satisfied, nothing he does is ever good enough, and she derives perverse glee from controlling him even as his willingness to be controlled makes him less of a man in her eyes. Eventually, she discards him when she finds either a better, more affluent target, or a “real man” takes control and shows her that he’ll take what he wants. This is why women so frequently cheat with “bad boys” who do not care about them. Their “nice guys” in their relationships simply aren’t men anymore.

There is a better way. Our Baton Rouge escorts will always treat you with respect. They will always be ready to have fun, to show you a good time. All of our girls are professional entertainers who enjoy what they do and who know how to have fun. They will place no strings or attachments on you. They will not bring to your booking any of their personal drama or baggage. Being in a relationship means coping with all of your lady’s baggage and melodrama. Dating a Baton Rouge escort means simply paying for your booking and then going out and having fun.

Given how superior the experience of Baton Rouge escorts is compared to traditional dating, and given how sexy and desirable our young ladies are, you might wonder why anyone would hesitate to hire a Baton Rouge escort. Well, we agree with you. But perhaps you’re worried about the cost. The thing is, when compared to the hidden costs of traditional dating, you can’t afford NOT to date a gorgeous Baton Rouge escort. When you book the time of one of our lovely, sexy, desirable Baton Rouge escorts, you know exactly what that’s going to cost you. You don’t have to worry about paying any hidden costs. Your Baton Rouge escort will treat you with nothing but respect. She will interject none of her personal life into your booking. She also won’t pry into your business nor expect you to be too open unless you want to be. She will respect your privacy and your whole booking will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Booking one of our Baton Rouge escorts allows you to skip over the worst of the dating process and go right to the end. Instead of dealing with the hassle and the unpleasantness of trying to find someone, trying to persuade them to talk to you, trying to keep their attention, and perhaps even deal with the hassles and headaches of a short-term or long-term relationship, you may simply skip right end, where you are out with a gorgeous woman. Better than traditional dating is the fact that your Baton Rouge escort will focus on you the entire time. She won’t get a better offer. She won’t drone on about previous boyfriends. She won’t be distracted by her phone. She will devote her time and attention to you, in a way that you probably haven’t experienced before. The two of you can go out together or spend some quiet time at your home or hotel to get to know each other. Have drinks at a club, see a show, spend some time in a hot tub… whatever it is you’re looking to do, when you want the company of a beautiful woman to do it, our Baton Rouge babes are here for you.

Stop Waiting and Book Your Baton Rouge Escort Today

So what are you waiting for? Book your Baton Rouge escort today and finally see what you’ve been missing. It is affordable and allows you to control your costs. The quality of the women you’ll go out with will be far higher than anything you might be able to secure on your own, because at Baton Rouge Babes, all of our ladies are stunningly sexy, young, and desirable. The experience will be much more pleasant than anything you’re used to, because it carries with it none of the hassles of traditional dating and relationships. And there are no strings! All you have to do is book the time of the young lady of your choice. You don’t have to worry about impressing her, because if you like her, you can just book her again. It’s the perfect way to have female companionship in your life.

Our dedication to giving you a great Baton Rouge escorts experience goes beyond a single outing with one of our lovely ladies. If you’ve always wanted to indulge the fantasy of being out with more than one beautiful woman at the same time, we can handle that. Every man wants to be able to surround himself with lovely ladies. Now, you can. Contact us and ask how to make that happen. Feel the incredible sensation of being seen with multiple beautiful women as you live out every man’s fantasy. Regardless of what you want, our ladies are here to please you.

Your privacy is our first concern, and everything about your time with our Baton Rouge escorts will be completely confidential. You may enjoy yourself completely free of stress and anxiety, especially because you don’t have to worry about impressing your new lady friend, and you don’t have to worry about making sure everything goes well. It’s your Baton Rouge escort’s job to make sure the booking proceeds to YOUR satisfaction, not the other way around. Most men have never been put first like this. You will quickly learn how much you enjoy that feeling.

The man who chooses to book a Baton Rouge escort is choosing a far superior way to have female companionship in his life. All men want it. Now you can have it, when it’s convenient to you and when you’re in the mood. Now you can have judgment free fun. Now you can have obligation free female company. Baton Rouge escorts will transport you to a world where everything you have ever wanted from an interaction with a beautiful woman is finally yours for the taking. Our gorgeous ladies are here for you and eager to get to know you. They love what they do. You’ll love how they do it. Contact us today.