About Us

Baton Rouge Babes is a full-service escort agency that is founded on honesty, integrity, and absolutely iron-clad customer service. We don’t just want you to enjoy dating our lovely ladies. We want you to enjoy it so much that you can’t resist coming back to us again and again. Our lovely ladies are everything you have ever wanted in a young woman. You will be amazed by their beauty, their poise, their class… and their banging, smoking hot bodies. We work hard to please you while also making sure our website and our administrative services are as useful and helpful as they can possibly be. Every one of our escorts is a professional entertainer, who has the training and experience necessary to ensure your satisfaction when you go out with her.

Our Guarantee of Confidentiality and Privacy

You can’t enjoy your escort booking if you’re worried about your privacy. There are any number of reasons you might not want someone to know you have hired the services of an escort. First and foremost among these is that if the idea is to be seen with exceptionally attractive women so as to raise your value in the eyes of others, it breaks the illusion if they know you have hired our services. More to the point, though, we believe strongly that your romantic business is, well, your business. Nobody else needs to know what you are doing or why. You deserve to be treated with respect and to have your information guarded carefully. We therefore collect no data about you that would be stored and could conceivably be compromised by an external hacker or identity thief. Refusing to store that information goes a long way towards securing your privacy, but our commitment to confidentiality is much more extensive than that.

When you book with us, do so knowing that no member of our administrative staff will ever discuss your use of our service with any outside party. We don’t collect mailing list information, and we definitely never sell any information about our clients. That means you won’t end up on some spammer’s junk mail list, nor will you have to worry that word will get out that you purchased the services of an escort. We’ll never breathe a word to any living soul that you worked with us, and we want you to keep coming back to use our service in total comfort and security. You can purchase our services as often as you like and never worry that we’ll reveal that you have. We caution all our staff to maintain strict confidentiality and discretion in all their dealings with you, with the outside world, and with other clients. Our staff knows never to discuss you, your schedule, or anything about you. What you do and what you request when you book with Baton Rouge escorts stays with us.

Our staff is further trained to take you seriously and treat you with respect. In our extensive time in the business we have pretty much seen and heard it all. There’s nothing you can say, nothing you can ask for, that we haven’t heard already. We understand that every man’s preferences and desires are different. We will never, ever judge you, never make fun of you, and never do anything but take you seriously. We’ll always do our best to meet your special requests, in reason, and we know that what every man likes can be very specific. Our young ladies understand this as well. They’ll never laugh at you or fail to take your desires seriously. They know that you like what you like, and further, the fact that you are booking with us is what allows them, what empowers them, to lead the party lifestyle that they enjoy so much. Our girls know that without you, there is no gig, and they will treat you respectfully as a result.

The last line of defense of your confidentiality and privacy is our girls themselves. All our Baton Rouge escorts know never to discuss you, anything they learn about you, or the fact that you used our service with any person outside our company. When you date a Baton Rouge escort, she will very gladly engage with you, chat with you, get to know you, and otherwise spend pleasurable time with you… but she won’t ever break your trust. What’s more, she’ll never even discuss you with her fellow escorts. We discourage this type of gossiping simply because it opens the door to breaches of privacy, even indirectly and third-hand. As such, all our escorts know that the golden rule of working for Baton Rouge Babes is they must never discuss their clients with anyone, even their fellow escorts.

We do all of this in order to ensure the best experience for you. You can’t enjoy your booking if you’re worried. The whole point of booking a Baton Rouge escort is being able to relax and enjoy your time with a beautiful woman. Stress and anxiety work against that goal, so we remove all possible stress and anxiety by removing any potential for you to have your privacy breached. You can date our Baton Rouge escorts in total comfort. No one will ever know that you used our services unless you choose to tell them. And if you are talking to people you trust, we do certainly hope that you’ll share with them your experience with us. Word of mouth is important to any business, but in a discreet service industry like ours, it is that much more valuable. We think you’ll find your Baton Rouge escort incredibly stimulating, incredibly sexy, and incredibly fun. We think the two of you will end up making memories that will last for years to come.

That’s something we ought to comment on, too. We’re fully aware that the decision to book one of our Baton Rouge escorts is, in some cases, a decision that has been made after a great deal of time debating the issue. The first time a man makes the decision to hire an escort, he is taking a leap of faith. He has seen the old-fashioned way that dating and relationships are conducted, and he has realized that these don’t benefit him. The old-fashioned way of meeting a woman and trying to get romantic with her is almost tailor made to put the man at a disadvantage, to drain his wallet, to rob him of his freedom, and to beat him down until he does whatever his woman tells him. No man should voluntarily agree to such a system. There is always a better way. Yet many men think that if they give up on dating and relationships, they are giving up on women entirely. They are resigning themselves to lives without women. We think that’s tragic. We think that every healthy man desires beautiful women in his life. Every heterosexual man with a healthy sex drive feels compelled to spend time around sexy ladies. Just the scent of their perfume is intoxicating. Their presence is wonderful, and it brings comfort to us even if we’re just talking with them and getting to know them.

You can have the company of beautiful women when you book a Baton Rouge escort. It’s as simple as that. You can choose from among the girls you like best, and you can then have all of the comforts of being with a beautiful lady with none of the hassles. It’s the best possible solution to a problem that has plagued men for many years now: How to get the company of a lovely lady while not experiencing any of the typical grief.

Safe, Secure, Screened and Vetted Baton Rouge Escorts

What is the advantage of Baton Rouge escorts? Beyond the obvious — that you get the company of a lovely, sexy, desirable, friendly woman who is totally focused on you, and you get her company at an affordable price that includes no hidden costs, with none of the hassles, unpleasantness, or strings attached of traditional dating — the primary advantage of Baton Rouge escorts is that we screen and vet all of our girls for your safety and for your satisfaction. Not just any girl can be a Baton Rouge escort. To do this job well requires a dedication to client service, a commitment to discretion, and certain personal qualities that make a woman well suited to the profession. A girl who lacks these qualities simply will not remain on our staff. If a young lady can’t be completely discreet, she can’t be a Baton Rouge escort. If she can’t be friendly, fun, and exciting, for each and every one of her clients, she can’t be a Baton Rouge escort. If she doesn’t have the stamina to hold up to the party lifestyle, she can’t be a Baton Rouge escort. And of course is there is anything in her background that we find questionable, she can’t be a Baton Rouge escort.

That’s an often overlooked advantage of the Baton Rouge escorts experience. We screen and vet our girls before they sign on with us to make sure there is nothing about them that would lead you to have a less than satisfactory experience. That means a thorough background check. We also make sure that our girls have the right temperament and personality to do this job. Some women simply aren’t suited to client service, and that’s not their fault; it’s just that the profession can be very demanding. So we make sure that every girl we hire on here to be one of our Baton Rouge escorts has the personal qualities that make a woman engaging, exciting, fun, and attractive. All of our girls are professional entertainers. We’ve said that many times. The emphasis, though, is not on entertainer. It is on professional, meaning we expect a high degree of classy, professional conduct from all our Baton Rouge escorts. If they’re not prepared to give us that, they’re not suited to becoming Baton Rouge escorts.

The party lifestyle of being an escort can be quite demanding. When a young woman signs up for it, she might be thinking that partying every night and every day sounds like a lot of fun. After all, who wouldn’t want to get paid to go out to nice places, do fun things, spend time with interesting people, drink and dance and party, and generally be assigned the not so arduous task of having fun until the wee hours of the morning, all to get paid a living? The things is, most of us have experienced what non-stop partying is like. If you don’t have a tremendous amount of stamina, eventually (usually after a few days), you’ll get worn down. But a Baton Rouge escort can’t afford to get worn out. She’s got to be as fresh, as fun, as exciting, and as attractive on the first day of the month as on the last day of the month, on Monday of a week of partying as on Friday of a week of partying. She can’t be turned out and worn down looking. She can’t seem like she’s ready to go home and go to bed. Our clients don’t want that, and our Baton Rouge escorts will tell you that they would never want one of their clients to feel that way.

The result is that every one of our girls is trained and experienced in professional entertaining, but also possesses a tremendous amount of personal stamina. Our ladies can be counted on to get the job done, each and every booking, every time. They’ll be fun, exciting, and engaging. You’ll never know how much partying they’ve done that week, because they’ll never show any signs that it’s too much. Our ladies naturally love what they do, and we screen out the ones who can’t handle it… leaving only the dedicated party girls, the wild children, the ladies who are thirsty for more fun and excitement and who take to this job like a fish takes to water. You will not be disappointed with our Baton Rouge escorts because we have taken the time and put in the effort to pre screen those women.

You may have considered, for example, finding an escort on Backpage or on some other classified site. You may have heard from a guy who knows a guy. You may have thought this might be easier or even cheaper than dealing with an agency like Baton Rouge Babes. But the value added we offer is our screening process. You never have to worry that you are getting the best talent possible when you book with us, because we have done the screening necessary already. Think of us as gatekeepers for your pleasure and satisfaction. You don’t have to risk your happiness to just anyone when you can get what you want and be sure of the results. Our agency make sure, each and every day, that our ladies are conducting themselves with professionalism. That requires a commitment to screening, ongoing maintenance, and client relations. In those rare instances in which a client might complain, for example, we will listen to the feedback and take constructive steps to make sure that concern or complaint is addressed.

We’re Here To Help

The other reason you should book with Baton Rouge Babes is that we are completely and totally committed to helping you through the process. Especially if you have never hired a Baton Rouge escort before, you may have a lot of questions. There may be things you need to know, or assurances you would like to receive, before you book with us. There may be special requests you would like to make. Whatever your question or concern, our courteous and professional staff is on hand to help you. Just take the time to contact us and ask us your question or express your concern. We’ll always take you seriously, we’ll never treat you with disrespect, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your issue is addressed. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable hiring us, we can never share with you the incredible experience of going out with a Baton Rouge escort. Our escorts are the top of the line. We can say this without doubt: We are the best escort agency in the Baton Rouge area. Everything we do is done according to industry best practices and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. You can book the time of a Baton Rouge escort in total confidence. You can have the company of a sexy young woman right now. All you have to do is take the time to make that first step. And if you’re reluctant, if you’re hesitating, we understand. Lots of men feel that way before they hire an escort for the first time. So what more can we tell you to help you and get you to initiate the process?

We think you’ll find yourself swinging over to our side of the street if you just spend a little time looking through our biography pages. These are all real girls, all of them impossibly sexy, all of them young and toned and tight and incredible. Haven’t you always wanted to spend time with a woman like that? Imagine being able to put your arm around her, smell her perfume, take her out to dinner, and look into her eyes as the two of you chat over something pleasant. Haven’t you always wanted that? And can you imagine how everyone around you will look at you when you walk into that restaurant or other venue with this incredible stunner on your arm? It’s a mind-blowing experience. You’ll feel like a rock star. And once you’ve had it, you’ll realize you want it again, over and over. You’ll want to feel what it’s like to spend time with one of our Baton Rouge babes again and again.

Contact us today. Don’t wait. We’re here to help you… and we’re here to make you happy.