Fascinating Anya is a classy, sophisticated girl who loves to absorb cultural entertainment. She also likes to get wild and has an extensive collection of lingerie she likes to wear to feel sexy. Through it all, she’s a lot of fun, and she thinks is what makes her such a popular Baton Rouge escort.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I take what I do very seriously,” she says. “A man who books with me is expecting to get a certain level of professionalism, a certain level of treatment, from his Baton Rouge escort. He’s maybe waited years before finally pulling the trigger on dating a girl like me. He has all kinds of ideas about what he wants that date to be. I would never want to disappoint a man like that. He deserves to have his fantasies fulfilled. He deserves to have a good time. And part of that is that I’ve got to enjoy myself. If I’m just pretending to be having a good time, he’ll pick up on that. He’ll know, and that will make his experience poor, and he won’t be happy. That’s unacceptable. As a professional entertainer, as a Baton Rouge escort, I have to show him a great time… but I have to show him that I really want to be there. I need to demonstrate that I’m enjoying his company. There is nothing that any guy likes more than to have a beautiful woman truly enjoy spending time with him. That’s the experience that Baton Rouge escorts give you.”

Being an escort, Anya explains, means being a people person, and truly enjoying being around other human beings. It also means having respect for her clients. “I think respect is very important,” Anya says. “Respect is one of the things that is really missing from most interactions these days when it comes to men and women. Men are always the villains, and women are always pushing them around and mistreating them. A guy who signs up for traditional dating these days is pretty much just signing up to be miserable. There will be some great moments in all that, sure, but not enough to justify the grief the poor guy is signing on for. It’s just not worth it.”

Anya enjoys the variety of different types of dates she goes on, too, from the formal ones where she gets dressed to the nines, to the casual ones where she’s just out for fun. “I like them all, but for different reasons depending on the dates,” she says. “I like to just focus on having a good time when I’m comfortable and casual. But when it’s time to go on a formal date, I really enjoy the little details, getting all dolled up and looking my finest. I like how I turn people’s heads in situations like that. I like knowing that everyone who sees me is just devastated by how good I look. I think every girl, young or old, dreams of being the center of attention like that.”