Sexy Brittany loves to gamble and is not above taking a few chances. She also enjoys taking the time to be quiet and relax, but she likes to balance the two as much as possible. We think of her as an especially inflammatory young woman; she can raise the temperature in any room just by standing in it. She also enjoys a clothing-optional lifestyle.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I think what I like about gambling,” she says, “is the sensation, the possibility, of everything changing all at once, of the world becoming different almost overnight. When you scratch off that ticket, when you spin that wheel, when you pull that lever, enough riches to change your life could be on the other side of that act. I wonder how many people out there actually get to experience that incredible transformation of their lives? How many of them get to know that, in that second, their problems are over? Of course, some people say striking it rich causes problems of its own, but you know what? I’d be willing to make that choice and see what happens. I think I would take that risk.”

Her provocative nude lifestyle gets a lot of people revved up when they see her strut around wearing nothing at all. Brittany is proud of her body and extremely comfortable being who she is. “I think you’ve got to be comfortable inside your own skin to be the person you were meant to be,” she explains. “If you’re going to reach your full potential, you can’t have any artificial hang-ups holding you back. To beat that, to shed those hesitations, you’ve got to be able to face yourself. And how better to face yourself than naked, standing in front of a full-length mirror?”

“Your body is a magnificent machine,” she explains, “and of course, my body is a little more magnificent than average. I love my curves. I love my long legs, my taut stomach, and my nice, round rear end. I love everything about being me. I push myself to be more every day, and in so doing, I increase my confidence. But one thing that can increase a man’s confidence is simply being with a woman like me. When a guy walks down the street, or into a restaurant or club, and he’s got a girl like me on his arm… that guy is ten feet tall. He will never be more proud than when he has the attention and the time of a sexy girl. But it’s more than that. The people around him will see him. They’ll see the change in his bearing, the way he carries himself. They’ll wonder what it is about him that makes him worthy of a lady like me, what qualities he has that he can have my time. I never feel more empowered, or sexier, than when I’m walking arm in arm with one of my clients, making him look good and wowing the people around us. It’s a great feeling.”