Provocative Isabel is a wild child who is also bisexual. As sexy as they come, Isabel is always searching for the next thing to keep her entertained. She stays very busy and adores her role as a Baton Rouge escort.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“Being a bisexual woman is very much a part of who I am,” she says. “Sure, plenty of girls in the industry sort of play at being bisexual. They know that this is a big part of every man’s fantasy, seeing two beautiful women together, maybe even joining in. That’s a normal, natural desire. I know that men enjoy picturing me with women, and I don’t begrudge them that. After all, seeing me in lingerie with my body pressed up against another half-naked woman who looks as good as me… that’s a big part of my own fantasies, too. It would be pretty silly of me to expect a man not to share that desire. Women are so soft, so sensual, so incredibly delightful. When I press my lips against another woman’s lips, when I feel her body pressed against me, when I grab her and stroke her and love her, that’s an incredible turn on to me.”

Isabel explains that she sees her outlook and her lifestyle as the best of both worlds. “It’s actually a scientific fact that almost no woman is completely heterosexual. One of the reasons that bisexuality is so acceptable among women in our society, and so big a part of our fantasy structure, is that most women are capable of being turned on by another, attractive woman. It’s built into us on some genetic level. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. As much as I love being with sexy women, I love being with men just as much. Why would you ever pick between the two if you didn’t have to? Men are so strong and exciting and fun. I love the feeling of having a man’s arms around me. And of course, it goes without saying that I’ve had my share of threesomes… and foursomes… and, well. You know how it goes.”

“It’s the ultimate in pleasure,” she explains. “You’re already with a beautiful, sexy, sensual woman, enjoying each other’s bodies, how familiar and yet not familiar they are at the same time. That’s a rush all by itself. But when a man joins us, when he puts his hands on me, when he’s good to me, that just elevates everything. I love to meet new people, and my job with my fellow Baton Rouge escorts makes it possible for me to meet interesting people from all walks of life. Every time I add a new person to my collection of contacts, that’s another opportunity for something wild and freeing and exciting to happen. This is why, I really do think, that being an escort is so appealing. It’s not just that every day is a party. It’s that when you’re getting down and having fun, you’re also enriching your life.”