Beautiful Jezebel is a stunning young lady with the soul of an artist. She likes to give of herself through volunteer programs. She’s also extremely athletic and loves to use sports as a way to stay in shape… and as an outlet for her seemingly endless energy.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“When I sweat, when I move, when I stay active, I see it as being grateful for my incredible body and for the gift of being such a sexy young lady,” she admits. “Every girl is different, and I know I am blessed. I work hard to stay in shape, but there’s no denying that I was granted a lot of incredible benefits. And giving back to the community is something I can do to show my real appreciation for who I am and what I have. The Baton Rouge escort lifestyle gives me a lot of freedom and lets me have a lot of fun. The least I can do is give back with some of my free time.”

When not volunteering at local soup kitchens and doing other community work, Jezebel seeks out sports that let her pour her effort into what she’s doing, pushing her beautiful body to the limit and challenging her to accomplish new things. “I love to blend my play time with my work time,” she admits. “I love to blur the line between work and play. And I love to be able to express myself through how I move my body. I am a very lucky girl, with a very fun job that lets me be precisely who I want to be. How many women my age can say that?”

Jezebel is one of our most popular young ladies, and it shows not only in how she carries herself and in how her clients respond to her. “I love to meet new people,” she says. “Whenever I meet a new man, whenever I go out to someplace new, I’m building this social network of people. It’s how people used to network before there was social media, after all. Building actual personal relationships with people worth knowing. I like to stay stimulated and I like to keep it exciting, but I also like to keep things light. My mind, my body… these are things I like to keep using, because the more you work a muscle, the better it gets. The same is true of your body. It’s an incredible experience to push yourself to attain a goal you didn’t think was possible before.”

Of all her duties as a Baton Rouge escort, Jezebel loves most when she gets to be seen on the arm of a client. “I love to make men look good,” she says. “When I can turn every head in the room, when the people looking at us are jealous of him because he’s with me, or curious what makes him so special that he has such a lovely lady on his arm… that’s when this job is the most fun it gets.”