Seductive Kat is very much into roleplay and fetish games. She considers herself a submissive young woman, but admits that a lot of people don’t truly “get” what that means, or what it means to her.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I think that movie, that fifty shades film, did a lot of damage to the perception of what it means to be submissive or dominant in relationships,” she explains. “I don’t think the author of the book had any idea what she was talking about when she started writing fan fiction sex stories. It’s all pretty ridiculous. Being submissive doesn’t mean I want to sign all my rights away to make decisions, or let somebody else completely run my life, or be treated like garbage or taken for granted. I don’t think anybody should relinquish control of their own human freedom just to be in a relationship with someone. That doesn’t sound healthy at all to me. But fortunately, that’s not what being submissive or dominant, in a real relationship, is really all about.”

Kat goes on, “I like a man who can tell me what he needs, and who takes what he wants as long as I agree to it. It’s about having the choice, but ultimately being led. I think women like to be led, at least some of us. I think we like a take charge guy. But the thing is, not every guy has to be that way in order to get us where we need to go. You can have just as much fun with a guy who maybe hasn’t yet found his confidence like that, because if you’re nice to him and let him know you’re into him, if you kind of give him the go ahead, he’ll take his cues from you. Before you know it you’ll have created a monster… in a good way.”

“What it comes down to, for me,” Kat continues, “is that I really want a man to feel like I’m pleasing him. I want them to enjoy my company. I want them to enjoy it so much that they can’t wait to have me around again. That turns me on. I like that a lot. I want a man to be almost addicted to me when I’m through with him. And in my capacity as a Baton Rouge escort, I like to know that a man will come back for more, book my time again, and spend more time with me. I love it when a client enjoys me so much that he wants to come back. I always welcome repeat bookings.”

Kat loves the freedom and spontaneity of being a Baton Rouge escort. “Every day is different,” she says. “You never really know what you’re going to do with the day until you get your bookings, but you know you’re going to have fun. You’re going to enjoy yourself, and the clients you’re with are going to enjoy themselves too. To me, that’s a formula for a great life, right there.”