Steamy Rachel considers herself naturally dominant. She is very proud of her collection of lingerie, and she loves fetish play and getting close to people in order to live out her fantasies… and theirs.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I like to take charge,” Rachel explains. “As a dominant girl, I really like to show a man a good time. A lot of men are used to having some kind of power during the day, even in small ways. But I think they’re all longing for a chance to give up that power, to be told what to do. Wouldn’t you agree? I honestly think every man loves play-acting at those kinds of power games, because it spices things up. Everyone likes to mix things up a little bit now and then. When you really embrace variety, when you introduce different things into your life and into your love life, you’re making sure that you’re always pushing the boundaries and discovering yourself. When we take the time to explore who we truly are, we expand our own horizons. That inner growth, that self-discovery, is incredibly important.”

Rachel also likes men who aren’t afraid to show her and tell her what they want, and she knows that men vary when it comes to this quality. “I like them all, really,” she says. “Every man is just waiting to be encouraged. Have you ever seen pictures of guys at conventions, where there are lots of pretty booth girls present, and sometimes they take pictures with the girls? Sometimes you’ll see them uncomfortable enough to put their hands so they’re just hovering over the woman’s body. They’re afraid or awkward or uncomfortable around beautiful women and they’re not sure how putting their hands on them will be received. They don’t want to risk being rejected. When you encourage a man a little, when you give him confidence, hesitation like that goes away. He starts acting more confident because he’s been encouraged. He’s been taught it’s okay to believe in himself. I think inside every man, even if he’s not a take charge guy, there’s an alpha male waiting to come out. He just needs the right encouragement to get there.”

Rachel likes to dress up in lingerie in order to express who she is. “I love that I can be who I am in any number of ways, in any number of costumes that highlight my gorgeous body,” she says. “Lingerie isn’t just about making yourself look good. You look great, sure, especially if you have a great body to put it on. But lingerie makes your body an experience for someone else. It’s the ultimate means of sharing what you have with another. I think that’s sexy, but it’s also very touching. It’s extremely intimate. I like to indulge my naughty side, and I like to share who I am with other people. Lingerie can be tailored to my mood. I can be super classy, or I can be dirty and sexy. It depends on my mood.”