Shapely Ruby takes a lot of pride in the incredible body she’s got. Her favorite feature, she says, is her supple, sexy legs. Ruby loves to have fun and loves to push boundaries. She loves to watch movies and is one of those people for whom “Netflix and Chill” is the ideal evening… but she also likes to go out and have fun. In her spare time she collects things like dolls.

“The reason I like escaping into movies so much,” she explains, “is that I think our entertainment is the most important part of our culture. The movies we watch, the entertainment we enjoy… it says something about who we are. It speaks to what is important to us. Even the fantasies we enjoy, our entertainment explains and explores what makes us tick. What do we dream about? What do we desire? Our entertainment is a much more significant window into that truth than anything else in our society.”


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Ruby goes on, “Each time you watch a movie, whenever something is committed to film, you’re seeing a moment frozen in time that represents a cultural ideal. It’s like every movie is a time capsule. You can date a movie by the computers and the phones in it. You can look into this little window into the past. An old movie transports you into this idealized vision of what the world was like at the time… or gives you insight into where people thought society was going. It’s actually pretty fascinating.”

The other thing that Ruby finds fascinating is the reaction that her incredible legs get from people who see them… not to mention the rest of her body. “Every man has his own favorites,” she says, “but when I look at my body in the mirror, I like to think about where a man’s eyes are going when they roam over my curves. I’ve got the great chest, I’ve got the taut stomach, I’ve got the firm, round rear end. I’ve got everything a man likes in a woman. But there’s more to being sexy than just looking good. You have to have the right attitude to go with it. A man doesn’t want a hot girl who always seems unhappy or angry… but so many hot girls these days always seem that way!”

Ruby explains, “What men want is someone who is truly friendly. The power of being friendly, of smiling and treating a man like you want him, is why so many girls have a problem with those of us in the adult entertainment industry. They see us treating their men as if we’re actually happy to be around them, and they feel threatened. Well, they should. More and more men are leaving traditional dating behind in favor of being with a sexy escort. It’s a lot better arrangement, with no hidden costs. That’s a much better arrangement no matter how you look at it, and men are figuring it out. They’re learning that escorts are better.”