Flirty Starr likes to stay in great shape thanks to a very demanding workout regimen. She does yoga and also lifts weights and does some aerobic exercise as well. In her spare time, she designs and makes her own clothing. She has a superb, tight little body that she is very proud of.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I love to flirt, it’s true,” she says. “I love to see if I can turn a guy on in different ways. Like, there are different levels of flirting. There’s actually walking up and putting your hands on a guy. That’s pretty much unmistakable flirting. Guys know you don’t reach out and put your hand on their arm, or even on their stomach or something, unless you’re sending signals. That’s just how women are. When we go hands on, we’re letting you know that we’re interested. But there are other layers of flirting. For example, you can talk suggestively or even dirty. I think most guys would admit that when you put your mouth up to their ear and breath hotly on them and say naughty things, that’s an incredible turn on for them. And of course you can do it without speaking and without touching, just by giving him the right look. They call them ‘bedroom eyes’ for a reason. I like knowing I can fix a guy with a certain smoky gaze and he’ll just know. He’ll get turned on and he’ll know. Maybe I’ll lick my lips a little bit to really lay it on him. But it doesn’t take much after that.”

Starr works out to push herself and to keep her body toned and sleek. “I’m not looking to get ridiculously huge or anything,” she says. “I want to maintain my feminine curves. But I do want a nice, firm body. The kind of body a man gets real pleasure of out of putting his hands on. I want people to look at me and think unwholesome things. I want them excited to be with me. I love the thought of being admired for every curve and line. I want to be the whole package. I want to inspire desire and admiration. When I see someone who looks as good as I do, that’s how I feel. I look at her body and I think, “That’s how I want to be seen by others. That’s how I want to come across.”

In the gym, Starr gets a lot of attention, and she’s totally okay with that. “I’m kind of a show-off,” she admits. “When someone walks by, when a guy cruises by to get a good, long look, I know what he’s doing. I don’t blame him for doing it. So maybe I’ll slow down a little. Maybe I’ll make eye contact. Maybe I’ll bend over the machine more provocatively. I love to play up to that. I love to get a guy going. I’ve gotten more than a few offers at the gym. I do admit, I absolutely love my body.”